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Here’s when City firms are going back to the office

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02 September 2020

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday said a strong recovery for the UK economy will require people to have the confidence to return to work at the office.

The government is worried that hospitality businesses are being hit hard by people working from home.

But London firms have adopted a more cautious approach than the government would have liked. Although three-quarters have already welcomed staff back to the office, the numbers have been small.

Morgan Stanley analysis showed British firms have been slower to bring workers back to their desks than counterparts in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The slow return prompted Johnson to say: “Unquestionably [an economic recovery] will require A City of London Corporation spokesperson said: “We want to get the Square Mile back on its feet as quickly as possible in a safe and sustainable manner.”

But the biggest firms in the City – where more than 500,000 people work – are in little rush to send all their staff back to their offices in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf.

Most would not comment on the record but flagged safety concerns and the success of working from home. Many said they intended to return staff to office work from September but said safety measures would keep capacity low.

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This article was written by Harry Robertson on 7th August 2020 for City A.M.