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South East Asia

Nicholas Scott is able to advise on a move to Asia and has built a network of contacts with a range of firms and offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo and will advise you on each step of the process through to relocation.

Introduction to Singapore

Singapore is around 700 square kilometres in size, with a population of just over 4.5 million. It is a major financial center and the main base in South East Asia for the leading international law firms. The financial district is extremely modern and compact and is based next door to Boat Quay which hosts a wide range of restaurants and lively nightlife. The island lies very close to the equator and has a climate best described as hot and humid with two seasons: the hot and moist South West monsoon season (summer) and the warm and wet North East monsoon season (winter).

There is a large expat community in Singapore with many Brits and Australians, but also people from a number of other countries.

The official language is actually Malay, but English is the main language of business and is widely spoken. Chinese (and dialects) and Tamil are also widely used.

The Legal Market

The Singapore legal market is a mix of joint law ventures, foreign firms and independent local firms. Until recently, foreign firms wishing to advise on local law were required to enter into joint ventures with local outfits. Widespread reservations about the success of the joint venture model led the government to introduce the Qualifying Foreign Law Practice (QFLP) scheme at the end of 2007. This allows six foreign firms to practice Singapore law by employing local lawyers directly, provided they meet certain criteria. Certain practice areas, such as commercial litigation and conveyancing remain off limits.

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Introduction to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is arguably the most vibrant city in the world that takes its energy from a confluence of modern and traditional. Hong Kong has long been a favoured jurisdiction for those wishing to combine quality work with the unique lifestyle opportunities on offer from life in the region. Relatively high salaries, low taxation, generous holiday entitlement, a large number of public holidays and enviable geographical location together combine to provide all the ingredients for an irresistible career move.

The Legal Market

International law firms have had a presence in Hong Kong since the 1980's and their offices have grown and developed over this time so that many of the major UK and US law firms offer their clients a full service practice. The offices are staffed mainly by locally qualified and trained lawyers, but there are still a large number of foreign qualified lawyers who have either been seconded from their London or Australian offices or hired externally.

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