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Newly Qualified Lawyer Guide

For many newly qualified lawyers the next obvious step would be to remain at the firm where they have spent two years training, however a growing number of lawyers decide to move upon qualification. There are many reasons why moving is an option many new lawyers opt for:

  • There is no guarantee that you will be offered an associate position by your current firm as firms cannot always retain all of their trainees.

  • You may get offered a position within an alternative department which is not the area you want to specialise in, it would not be wise to remain at your current firm in a position you did not want as it can be difficult to change speciality at a later date.

  • You personally may feel like it’s time for a change maybe to move to firm that has a better reputation for the practice area you want to specialise in.

  • It may simply be that you are interested in change of location and want to move either to new part of the country or head abroad instead.

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