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Nicholas Scott has extensive experience of moving Partners in London and overseas.

A senior lateral hire can bring in new clients, deepen a firm’s expertise and broaden its capabilities – but get it wrong and it can be costly. Deciding who to hire is difficult as most talented and experienced partners are still reticent to promise delivery of specific clients or ‘x’ million pounds worth of business in the coming year. This understandable caution has to be balanced with the reasonable needs of existing partners who want to safeguard PEP. However a decision to hire
sometimes needs to be made quickly in order to avoid missing out on a Partner who could assist in building a new department, raising the firm’s profile
and/or increase turnover and profitability. In such situations it is key to ensure an appropriate and measured integration process

Nicholas Scott has the experience to advise Partners and hiring firms on the following:

 Business Planning

 Action Planning

 Integration into the culture of the firm

 Ongoing monitoring

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