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Allen & Overy Release Cient Facing Tool to manage compliance

15th 04 2019


Allen & Overy Release margin MAPP Application built in Neota Logic to expedite Global Initial Margin Regulation Compliance.

Neota Logic, is widely known for being the world’s leading AI automation platform, It was announced on the 8th of April that Allen & Overy has released an application known as marginMapp. This application has been built in the Neota Logic platform to expedite Global Initial Margin Regulation compliance for their clients.

Neota Logic have created a way to allow their clients to quickly and effectively build bespoke tools in order to allow legal expertise to be accessible and profitable.

MarginMAPP is a client facing tool which was built by A&O and designed to aid market participants to manage compliance with phases 4 and 5 of the global Initial Margin rules. It aids entities to determine whether the EU (EMIR) and U.S (CFTC or Prudential Regulators (PR)) Initial Margin Rules apply or if one or more ruleset applies, how this will impact specific counterparty pairings.

This is only one of the applications that have come out of the collaborative tech innovation space. This space allowed internal stakeholders at Allen & Overy to work tightly together along with the Legal Tech team and Neota Logic in order to ascertain that the final product is what they were looking for.

Richard Seabrook, Managing Director at Neota Logic commented

“We’re delighted to be working with Allen & Overy as they digitise their legal expertise to offer transformative services to their clients. Neota’s no-code automation tool-kit allows for complex, easy to use digital applications to be developed from a blank canvas. This flexibility means that it can handle the development of marginMAPP whilst also developing other use cases such as end-to-end contract automation kits.”