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Will Generation Z revolutionise Law Firms?

25th 03 2019

Technology and AI can be used by law firms to tackle “pain points” identified by staff and clients. We can see firms using technology prototypes for things like document review platforms. The aim being to remove most of the grunt/admin work and freeing up trainees time to do more complex work.

Freshfields for example already use a predictive coding software for e-disclosure. Documents can be examined and pinpointed for review in a matter of hours – a task which could have taken paralegals and junior lawyers months to complete.

Generation Z is much more familiar with the online world. Innovation will be a huge part of what is expected from future trainees when they join firms. This comes hand-in-hand with the increase in flexible working initiatives as agile working has become a much more feasible option. Lawyers have noted how they are able to fit in a significant amount of work on their commute in or from home.  

Consider how law firms could look in 10 years, with many firms already implementing their own in-house tech hubs, or investing large amounts in externally-developed products. Equally, flexible/remote working has become a much more common and attractive approach for companies in terms of productivity of staff and ethos. It is likely the "law firm model" may look very different in the future.