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The Best Law Firms for Work/Life Balance

22nd 02 2019

Times are changing and people expect more from law firms. Ever more recently, law firms have started introducing “work/life balance initiatives” to make them appear more attractive than their competitors.

A good work/life balance is not just about avoiding long hours. It can also cover flexible working, being on ‘call’ and always having to be ready and presentable the majority of the time. One lawyer reported to Legal Week:“I’ve sub-let my flat as I haven’t been there for months,” and ten is: “I’ve never had to cancel a dinner reservation”.

Browne Jacobson: “For the quality of work, the size of firm and the pay, I would imagine you would be hard pressed to find a top 60 law firm with a better work/life balance”. 

DWF: scooped a place not only in Legal Cheek’s top ten firms for work/life balance but also came up trumps on its average arrive-and-leave times for 2019. One trainee said that despite being in a banking seat they were: “almost always out by 6.30-7pm”.

Irwin Mitchell: has consistently received accolades for delivering on work/life balance. “Everyone down tools at 5pm” at this national firm of 14 offices, There are references to a whole “one-hour lunch break” and “added coffee breaks to boot.” Another says: “A standard day in my current seat is 9am – 5pm.

Mills & Reeve: it’s doing well on work/life balance for the second year running, and posted an excellent leave time of, wait for it, 5.45pm!