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New SRA digital badge

10th December 2018

Last week, the Solicitors Regulation Authority revealed their new 'digital badge'.
The SRA's new digital badge is designed to help consumers.
The badge aims at helping people identify which firms are regulated so they can make informed choices over who provides their legal advice. The badge is one of various changes which came into play last week, alongside the new transparency rules.

Currently, it is completely voluntary for firms to include the badge on their website. However, come next year it will become mandatory for regulated firms to display the badge on the front page of their website.
The badge is available in three different colour variations and in both the English and Welsh language.
When clicking on the badge, visitors will be greeted with information regarding the protection offered to clients of regulated firms.
Paul Philp, SRA Chief Executive:
“All the evidence shows that people increasingly want to shop around before engaging legal support. They are interested in price, but also want information on quality and protections to be readily available. The more information is available, the more people are able to make good choices.”

“By publishing prices, outlining services and displaying our new badge, regulated law firms will be able to set themselves apart from others and help potential clients to see the benefits they offer."

The SRA said:

'Provided via software which will make sure only regulated firms can display it, the badge will show online visitors that you are regulated and provide them with a link to information on the protections this provides. Displaying the badge will help you differentiate yourself from unregulated providers.’