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Can Article 50 be revoked? CJEU heard landmark case on Tuesday

28th November 2018

Case C-621/18 Wightman on revocation of Article 50 - opinion due on 4th December 2018.

The case was brought by a group of Scottish politicians, supported by the Good Law project, the organisation run by Maugham.

The Court of Justice were set to deliberate whether or not Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty can be revoked. The case was brought before 27 judges, and aimed at clarifying what the realistic options are for MPs who are set to vote on Theresa May's 'Chequers Deal' on the 11th December 2018.

The UK Government have not responded well to the case, stating that the case is politically motivated and dealing in purely hypothetical questions.

As May said in the House of Commons this week: "Revoking Article 50 is not going to happen because it is not government policy."

However, if Britain could unilaterally reverse Brexit, it could give our MPs a third viable option as an alternative to May's deal or the chaotic "no deal" scenario.